Citeum is a non-profit association of various organizations whose objective is to promote, develop and spread free and open source solutions of general interest. It supports research in several sectors, such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, but also aims to ensure representation of member organizations in front of national and international public authorities. Citeum is committed to help its members with all the human and material resources at its disposal, while the latter must respect the spirit and the recommendations of this charter.

Thus, Citeum intends to work for the spreading of the values ​​of the Open Source, especially in the field of digital applications, although these concepts can largely be extended to other sectors of society. The main activity of the association will be to work for the funding of members whose purpose is not profit-making. It will also promote the products and services of its members to its network of private operators and public administrations.

Fields of innovation
Crisis management


Cloud hosting

Artificial intelligence


Luatix is ​​a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the research and development of open solutions in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management. Its vocation is simply to provide an official framework for a community of enthusiasts as well as material support throughout the life of projects and research.


Limeo is a non-profit organization supporting the development of innovative cloud infrastructures. She leads numerous projects in the fields of hosting, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its members also publish technical analyzes on the functionalities integrated into the products.